ichigo daifuku and warm days

I made some ichigo daifuku yesterday!


It's been about a year since I've made them last. I used this recipe, except I omitted the mint green tea and nutella. I also heated up the mochi mix less than directed, since my microwave is rather powerful. It's a messy process, but rewarding! I recommend laying some parchment paper over your work area if you have any. Hope you try it - practice makes perfect!

This week's forecast in Portland is in the 80s! Very unusual for us. But it's a good opportunity to wear my giant sunglasses and a dress! ha! I wore my hair up today - I love how the purple stands out in the sun. 

I'm surprised on how the ends of my hair are holding up. The initial ombre bleaching process (done at home) left it crazy dry. Once a week I use this Neutrogena triple moisture deep hair recovery mask only on the bottom half of my hair. I found it on sale at Target and it lasts a while, even with really long hair! :) 


Lindsey Louise said...

cute blog! the strawberry treats look so yummy.


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jas said...

those strawberries look amazing!


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