out and about in SE Portland

It's been really beautiful weather in Portland lately. Today JJ, Kei and I went driving around SE Portland to look at various shops and paper stores. I don't normally hang out around that area so there was plenty of new and exciting things to be seen!

We ran across this amazing terrarium shop called Artemisia.


Those birds are real by the way! Wanted to buy so many things there - such a wide selection of plants, moss and already made terrariums. Not too far away from Artemisia was SMUT vintage. There, we met an adorable black pug...


Our final destination was a rather large Goodwill, where I got *way* too excited about their shoe selection. I ended up buying these awesome black flats and black ankle boots.

Good start to a weekend! Hope you all have something fun planned. I'm planning on making posts with wishlists and my skincare/beauty routine soon as well. :) Still trying to get better at this blogging thing...

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Aliya said...

These are such lovely pictures!! Love the pic you took in the vintage store!!

x Aliya
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