Guess what? I recently bought tickets to fly to Denmark for two months, starting September. I am super excited to blog about living in a brand new place. I will be in Aarhus mainly, but hoping to hop over to Copenhagen for a bit. Let me know of any things I should do or see over there! :)


Yesterday,  my lovely friend Corbin flew to NYC for a design internship! She is incredibly talented and I am so happy for her. She had a little going away get together at Dig a Pony (which I had never gone to before).

You obviously can't tell, but I'm wearing a black maxi dress I bought (on sale!) from Nordstrom. I've worn it almost every day this week. No lie. It's way comfortable, breathable and simple! 

My roommate and I ordered a drink called The Pink Moose. It had spicy tequila, muddled lime and grapefruit, agave nectar and Peychaud's bitters. Damn, that spicy tequila was really spicy! Haha! We also ordered fried plantains (so much for my diet).


SarahB @ FridayisForever said...

mm those things in the last picture look amazing, I've never heard of them, what are they made out of? Haha. Exciting to be visiting there, I'd love to go there!!

Thanks for your blog comment btw :)

S xx

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Sounds like fun! Have a great trip! =)

My FB Corner said...

Wow Denmark! great! :)
Mai from My F&B Corner
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Anonymous said...

denmark sounds like it could be really exciting. best of luck!


Clara Turbay said...

so nice pics!

nicolealyse said...

Lovin your blog lady.

New follower :)

Love from NYC,

Joanna said...

hej, thanks for the comment! i am SO envious of your future adventure in copenhagen.

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