hello kitty...contact lenses?

Hey all!

I haven't been posting lately because I suddenly became busy with freelance work (yay!) along with joining 24 hour fitness to exercise in my spare time.

Since these lenses arrived in the post the other day, I thought I'd do a quick post on them. I had ordered a pair of brown contact lenses from UNIQSO, but they accidentally sent me these pink hello kitty ones. I emailed them and they apologized, telling me they'd send the new pair and let me keep these. Their customer service is really nice and they reply to emails quickly! Also, I didn't mind keeping these at all. ^^

Now let's take a look at them...

Top eye photo: Comparison to my regular eye. You can see the hello kitty pattern if you look close enough!!
Bottom eye photo: Lenses in both eyes!

Unfortunately I'm normally a -7.5 prescription in both eyes, but these have no prescription at all. They are fun, though. I guess I could wear them with my glasses? Haha!

I promise I'll post about something more interesting next time -_-;


Elif said...

Whaaaaaaaaaaat? This so ineresting! I love it haha.

Velveteen Mint said...

These are insane!

Jamie Elrod said...

where did you order these?!

Sheiky said...

On their site it says these are sold as one lens. Does it come as one lens or an actually pair of lens. And thanks, I was looking for them everywhere.

Japanese Trends said...

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