Classes start again tomorrow! On Mondays, all I have is my kickboxing class (I've never taken it before!). Tuesdays I have two design studios and weight training. I decided to take the PE classes in order to force myself to exercise, haha! I've let myself go these past few months and gained 10+ lbs. Sigh!

Now I avoid soda and really limit my sweets/dessert intake. And I ordered this Takeya glass water bottle to gain the habit of drinking water more often! I've been keeping up with a health/fitness blog called The Skinny Confidential. She has some really great tips and recipes. Pinterest's health/fitness tab can pull up interesting results too.
I can do it! Right guys?

Today I worked with the officers of the Friends of Graphic Design at ADX. We had a photoshoot session to create our new collateral for Be Honest 2012, with cake as a theme. Here's the result!

Be Honest 2012!

If you're the Portland area on May 3rd, please stop by! I'll have my work there too. That reminds me, I need to create some new design work... :P

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