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Today marks my fifth day in a row that I've been at the gym! Ultimately, I've decided to drop my registered PE classes (kickboxing and weight lifting) and instead take classes at the rec center, which is already paid for in our tuition...whether you go or not! Makes more sense right? This week I've done abs, buns and thighs, kickboxing, yoga and bootcamp. I've also made a habit of eating oatmeal with fruit every morning and limiting sweets.

Brief account of Wednesday - After kickboxing class my roommate dragged me to Goodwill. I bought a Fossil leather bag (it was a bit pricey but legit), a pair of heels (snakeskin pattern!) and a book about Portland. For dinner, we went to Kalé.

Left: at a lovely little shop called Canoe. Right: Kale! with Kei.

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