mission: move to Denmark

After summer school, I am planning on moving to Denmark - specifically Aarhus or Copenhagen. JJ recently got accepted into The Aarhus School of Architecture (arkitektskolen aarhus) so I've frantically been trying to find a job or internship over there. I know this is a long shot, but if any of you have any contacts or friends in these places please let me know! I figured that if I can't move there right away, I will visit for a few weeks in the fall. 

A few things I'm interested in, work wise: publication/magazines (fashion, architecture, design, lifestyle), design studios or agencies that value tangible design, design consulting...
Regular part time jobs (grocery store, etc) are fine too.
A link to my portfolio is located on the sidebar, if you're curious about some of my work.

If you have any advice for those wanting to move abroad, please let me know. I'm thankful that JJ and his mum are helping me as much as they can, but I can't help but be nervous and anxious!


Tiffany said...

ohh I love Copenhagen! I actually just made a post on my blog about my recent trip there =P
Good luck with finding a job or internship!

Anonymous said...

i got so excited when i saw you stopped by my blog! congrats on getting ready to go through the immigration process :) its not easy , but with faith and family/friends support, its manageable. :) and if you EVER need anything...please let me know! ill be as honest as possible and give you a reality check when it comes to the fun stuff that you'll go through. while it may be brutal to a degree, it is absolutely worth it!!!! <3

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