new internship and lovely links

This morning I had an interview for the internship with Wood&Faulk and Maak Soap Lab, both located at Beam & Anchor in North Portland.

Good news: I'm starting next week!
Bad news: It's a 40 minute commute by train.

However, they are really flexible and laid back. I'm really excited to start. I'm hoping that doing an internship focusing more on craft will help me realize how I want to shape my portfolio.

Here is a photo I snapped of the exterior. There are a few interior photos on their website. :)

Here's what a little fold-out poster I brought to my interview. It contains a resume and a snippet of my work.

Now for some long overdue lovely links!
Thanks for the comments lately. It's crazy to think that people look at my blog at all. Haha!


Tiffany said...

congrats on the internship! hope you enjoy it :]

Anonymous said...

coconut water ice cubes? i think i just died and went to heaven!

Angga Bayu Prasetya said...

Congratulations. Spirit!. Even though these was not convincing, but I Could feel the train trip for 40 minutes Sometimes boring. Hope you keep the spirit.

I too have a blog discusses That my pleasure. I hope we can share information. :)

Hope you check out my blog soon :)

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