Glimpse of Aarhus

I was fortunate enough to be here for Aarhus Festuge, one of the largest cultural events in Scandinavia! Their theme this year was "big - size matters". It's coming to an end but there have been lots of fun things happening around the city this past week.

There are people inside those big floating balloons! To the right, street performers from France and Spain. I caught them on my way to the grocery store.

Here's a cute cafe I pass by when I walk Joakim to school sometimes.

The sandwich board says: patio is open!

My plans for the upcoming week:
Oh, and here's a typical outfit I wear these days...

Hopefully next time I'll have photos from the museum to share!


Lea said...

!!! looks awesome! :D

BlogLoveTherapy said...

Looks like you had a great time.
Cute outfit=)

Hello from a new follower:

Olya Clifton said...

Cute and comfy street-style outfit! Like it. We could follow each other if you'd like

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