"hej" from Denmark!

Hello! Today is my third day in Aarhus, Denmark. I'm here visiting my boyfriend for two months (he's attending graduate school for architecture). My favorite parts of traveling are observing cultural differences and...wait for it...food, of course! Haha!

I've noticed that people here are dressed really nicely. I love how the women manage to wear predominately black outfits without seeming goth, especially because I'm partial to black clothing. Here's a little moodboard of reoccurring trends I've noticed these past few days...

I find the Converse trend interesting. It's a popular shoe in Norway, too. I ditched my pair after high school because I thought they made my feet look way bigger than they really were, but maybe I should find them again...hahaha!


Our apartment is in a great location in the city. Actually right above a pub! We've joked about the living situation being similar to How I Met Your Mother, one of our favorite tv shows. :) 

Today I went grocery shopping by myself. When you're in a foreign country, I recommend translating your grocery list with google translate before your shopping trip. It helped me a lot with the spices, because most of them aren't labeled in English. Just as a precaution for the items that aren't self explanatory. For instance, I definitely wouldn't have known garlic salt was called hvidløg salt

Because I don't really have any responsibilities while I'm here (hmm other then searching for a job), I'll probably be blogging more often about any exciting things that arise while I'm here!

Have you been to Denmark? Do you have any suggestions on things to do or places to see? 


Joanna said...

So jealous! Are you going to Copenhagen at all? If so, you should bring me back a bag of coffee from The Coffee Collective and I'll pay you back :)

I noticed the same trends in Sweden and Norway and was sad to come back to Portland where 80% of people are in jeans, knit tops, rubber flip flops, and Chrome bags, ew.

Can't wait to see more photos and updates!

MayT said...

I love the outfit, so edgy, comfy, and chic at the same time!!! it's great that you bf is studying architecture, and I also love black clothes! Google translate is always a help. I am glad you'll be around :) XOXOX


Anonymous said...

Love how you chose those pieces as Denmark's fashion staples. Love the way they dress there, definitely hope to go one day! :)

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his little lady said...

loving this simple denmark style! how perfect for fall too!
xo TJ

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