wantin' wishin'

Part 1 of my wantin' wishin' weekly wishlist. ;-)

1. Fjallraven Totepack No. 1

I was originally eyeing the classic backpack, but the totepack just seems a bit more amazing, yeah? I've read online that it's cheaper to buy Fjallraven products in Sweden, so I'm hoping we can make a pitstop there next month during Joakim's fall break! I would grab it in green...especially because it's more of an olive color.

Really drawn to the minimalism of this mug. Actually, I have a terrible weakness for mugs in general. There is also a coffee version, but it just doesn't have the same beauty as this one.

I think it's time to move on from my diy decoden case, haha! :) This caught my eye on pinterest and I am still debating on getting it...

But really, I should concentrate on buying a nice raincoat and rain boots. Rainy season looks like it's begun here in Denmark!


MayT said...

the 'TEA' cup is soooo cute! XOXOX :)


MayT Essentials

Amy said...

Great bag!


Anonymous said...

i freaking love that bag! in both colors! i need to do a little shopping here soon!

by the way, i love the name of your blog!

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