Madame Toussouds

On a whim, we went to Madame Toussouds wax museum yesterday. Joakim had spotted it on our way to dinner - we planned to walk around a park until then, but this looked fun :)

I don't particularly have a thing for David or Victoria Beckham (haha!), but you can see my outfit here :)

Joakim gave me the coat (from Zara) as a birthday gift, and I love it. The pants are a recent buy from Topshop. I love their petite section, they fit me perfectly!


MayT said...

I live wishing one day I could visit this museum!!! Seems so much fun, I love your outfit btw. Very trendy XOXO :)

Shopaholic said...


Sara said...

That is such a cute photo! you look great!

Amanda said...

Haha I love this photo! Looks like a fun place, I've never been to one before even though I lived pretty close to the one in Hollywood for almost 3 years.

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